About cabal

Cabal is a hacker collective combatting tech-enabled abuse and serves on the NYC Cyber Sexual Assault Taskforce, a city-wide initiative dedicated to fighting online sexual exploitation. The collective also curates the Museum of Modern Malware at DEFCON.

The cabal collective is composed of volunteers from different industries and backgrounds, including hackers, statisticians, scientists, and researchers.

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We promise that hatemail is not your typical hate mail. Subscribers to hatemail receive bi-weekly issues filled with curated news about online abuse, cyber security, surveillance, and (of course) tech-enabled hate in general. 

As a collective dedicated to combating tech-enabled abuse, we constantly have our eyes on news and research specific to our work. The result? A whole team of professionals contributing to a collection of important headlines, research papers, and projects — many of which fly under the radar of other newsletters and feeds. 

Oh, and cabal’s hatemail newsletter is free. 

Did we mention we hate nazis and abusers?

Because we do. Subscribers also get to read about some of our activities and receive our commentary on the digital trends we're observing. Every email profiles a hate speech website and supporting hosting services. It’s one-of-a-kind intel on the threat actors we are tracking, which include unsavory groups such as neo-nazis and online abusers. 

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Reach out on Twitter at @cabalcx or email us at newsletter@cabal.cx.

Learn more at cabal.cx

We moved hatemail to SubStack in September 2020. You can find all of our previous newsletters archived on TinyLetter, here

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We're a hacker collective combatting tech-enabled abuse. Members of NY Cyber Abuse Taskforce and curators of the Museum of Modern Malware at @DEFCON