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Every Hate Speech Website We’ve Ever Written About 

It’s no secret we hate nazis and abusers. Every hatemail newsletter includes a mini-profile on a hate speech site along with any associated IP addresses and hosting providers we could track down. (You’ll find all this in our weekly ‘Who Hosts Hate’ section). Many of these sites use Cloudflare or similar services to protect and disguise their infrastructure, but we’ve managed to to trace some of the IPs used by these sites while monitoring them. 

And so, without further adieu, we present a full list of every hate speech site we’ve ever identified in ‘Who Hosts Hate’: 

  • Anonib[.]ru, used Cloudflare, hosted by Amazon Web Services (IP 54.72.9[.]51): A reboot of the original anon-IB image board, infamous for its large collection of non-consensual sexually exploitative imagery. 

  • Amren[.]com uses Cloudflare, partly hosted by Linode LLC (IP 45.33.7[.]219): A contraction of “American Renaissance,” the site pushes pseudoscience and research often referenced by white supremacists as evidence of superiority.

  • Ar15[.]com, hosted by Amazon Web Services (IP 3.12.159[.]24): While the site hosts seemingly normal content and media about firearms, the forums of the site are teeming with sexism, bigotry, and conspiracies. Since the site seems to use several AWS solutions and content delivery services, their network and infrastructure may change often.

  • Avoiceformen[.]com, hosted by Amazon Web Services (IP 34.225.19[.]75): A Voice for Men hosts content that the SPLC calls “male supremacy.” At its most tame, the site is a discussion forum for topics relating to misogyny, involuntary celibacy (incel), and men’s rights. At its worst, it actively advocates for violence against women. 

  • Bitchute[.]com uses Cloudflare, partly hosted by NatCoWeb Corp (IP 88.214.207[.]96 and IP 88.214.207[.]97): A news media aggregation site, hosting videos, memes, and comments likely too fringe to be accepted on conventional social media. The site popularizes conspiracy theories, holocaust denial content, and racist viewpoints.  

  • Colonize Us, uses DigitalOcean LLC (Primary IP at netblock  We decided to not link or further describe this site due to its content and are listing it for archival and preservative purposes only. 

  • Incels[.]co, uses Cloudflare, partly hosted by Europe GmbH (IP 62.75.152[.]61): This forum is a major hub for incels: those who identify as involuntary celibate. The discourse on the site is extremely hateful towards women, and users on the site have previously been observed for their violent behavior towards women. 

  • Kiwifarms[.]net, uses Cloudflare, hosted by FranTech Solutions, (IP 209.141.62[.]90 and IP 198.251.90[.]113): Kiwi Farms began as a forum and has since become what The Intelligencer refers to as “the Web’s Biggest Community of Stalkers.” The site curates and encourages the doxxing of folks online, particularly those who do not fit the world view of users’ misogynistic and racist ideologies.  

  • Metapedia.org: According to Wikipedia, the site is an “encyclopedia which contains authoritarian far-right, white nationalist, white supremacist, anti-feminist, homophobic, Islamophobic, antisemitic, Holocaust-denying, and neo-Nazi points of view.” Southern Poverty Law Center first wrote about Metapedia in 2007 and described it as an “Aryan Encyclopedia.”

  • Mymilitia[.]com, uses Cloudflare, hosted by TierNet (IP 208.87.30[.]154): Functions as a forum for weapons advice, training, and a social network for local militia operations. VICE News has previously characterized the site as "Amazon for people on the fringe," and the site continues to be an outlet for conspiracy theories and radical viewpoints.

  • Oann[.]com, hosted by Amazon Web Services (IP 52.9.118[.]54): One America News Network (OANN) has featured an increasing amount of content featuring known white supremacists, and has promoted a fair amount of debunked conspiracy theories and narratives.

  • Parler[.]com, hosted by Amazon Web Services (IP 13.224.223[.]49). Parler has recently seen a tremendous influx of users from other social media site like Twitter, due in part to the attention directed to it by far-right pundits. What has followed is a proliferation of hate speech on the platform. 

  • Patriotfront.us, uses Cloudflare, hosted by GoDaddy (IP 50.63.202[.]36): Patriot Front, an organization that the Southern Poverty Law Center describes as a “white nationalist hate group” that formed shortly after the 2017 “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. Through their website and Telegram channels, their ideology are edited into videos, while their physical operations have resulted in the distribution of propaganda throughout the country. 

  • Patriot Prayer, whose primary public engagement site is gibsonforfreedom[.]com, uses GoDaddy (Primary IP at netblock 72.167.191[.]69): Patriot Prayer contains nexus members with Proud Boys, a SPLC-designated hate group, and other fringe movements. 

  • Qanon[.]pub, uses Cloudflare, partly hosted by Digital Ocean (IP 159.203.158[.]111): Since the takedown of other Qanon-related sites, Qanon[.]pub has become the most popular site to exchange hateful conspiracy theories related to the Qanon movement. 

  • Rapeable[.]com, uses Cogent Communications and Endurance International Group (IP 66.96.149[.]20): Hosts memes and media pertaining to far-right views, racism, and sexual exploitation. Rapeable uses known shady datacenters Cogent Communications and Endurance International Group to protect and host their infrastructure. 

  • Stormfront, uses Cloudflare, partly hosted by Limestone Networks Inc (IP 192.169.81[.]69): One of the internet’s oldest hate sites is stormfront[.]org. Boasting hundreds of thousands of members, it has long been examined by groups like SPLC and ADL as having a direct influence on inspiring violent hate crimes. 

  • Three Percenters, hosted by Liquid Web LLC (IP 67.227.234[.]13) and A2 Hosting Inc. (IP 68.66.197[.]113): Primary recruitment website for the Three Percenters, a far-right militia and paramilitary force with members throughout the United States. Self-identifying “3%ers” make little effort to disguise their nexus with white supremacists and far-right violence. 

  • Unz[.]com, uses Cloudflare, hosted by Godaddy (IP 50.62.133[.]196): Publishes material far-right views and racism. The Anti-Defamation league has specifically called out the site and its owner for embracing “hardcore anti-Semitism.” 

  • VDARE, hosted by OVH (IP 147.135.1[.]223): A SPLC-designated hate group, VDARE’s operators have run the site since the late 1990s. According to SimilarWeb, the site rakes in almost 700k visits a month, and relies heavily on Google Ads and Criteo for monetization. 

  • Volafile[.]org, hosted by OVH (IP 137.74.42[.]196): Volafile is a destructible chat forum that puts an emphasis on being able to share files that are only available for a short time. The site has been used to share non-consensual exploitation material.

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